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Making your Opinion Count

Your opinion matters! When you take part in a survey, companies are listening to what you think and believe. And the best part? You are paid for your opinion!

How much will I be paid?

That all depends on the study. Your time is valuable, and researchers know this. Your compensation will vary dependant on the length of the study, the effort involved.


What about my privacy?

Solutions in Marketing, Inc., respects your privacy and does not divulge any personal information. Data is generally pooled into categories and analyzed anomalously. Your private information is never divulged and we do not sell any email lists or personal criteria.

What should I expect once I join your database?

Every study that Solutions in Market recruits has specific guidelines set up by our client. We match you first by the initial questions that you answer on our database. We would notify you, either by email or phone, that you may fit a study we are currently recruiting for, and contact you for additional information. Your answers represent a particular customer profile. Our clients ask us to obtain a representative mix of our geographic areas so that all the opinions are not all from any one demographic category. If you qualify, we set a day and time for you to come in and do our study. You are paid upon completion.

What if I don't qualify for the study?

There will be times that you may not qualify and if that does happen, you will remain in our database and be called for future studies.

What kind of research could I be called in for?

Solutions recruits for a variety of studies you could be called in for.

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